Download papers and resources from Epicenter's research session at OPEN 2013.

Dr. Helen Chen, a co-presenter of the Epicenter research session, works with colleagues at OPEN 2013. Photo credit Alexandra Buxbaum.

More than 300 faculty and students came together to learn and share experiences about technology entrepreneurship and innovation in higher education at OPEN 2013, NCIIA's 17th annual conference. The conference, held March 22-23, 2013, in Washington, D.C., featured 80 sessions, talks and activities for attendees, with topics including research, program models, competitions, spaces of invention, sustainability and assessment.

The Epicenter research session "Research- and evaluation-informed entrepreneurship education: What do the data tell us?" was hosted by Helen Chen and Shannon Gilmartin of Stanford University, Alan Peterfreund of SageFox, and Angela Shartrand of NCIIA. The interactive session connected research and evaluation findings to educational practice through small-group design activities. They opened the session with an overview of Epicenter research and evaluation projects, and introduced papers that addressed different components of entrepreneurship education. Attendees broke into groups to review these papers, and then engaged in a design exercise to link findings from each paper to entrepreneurship course development for engineering undergraduates. 

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Epicenter research session materials:

"Research- and evaluation-informed entrepreneurship education: What do the data tell us?"

Presentation (ppt)

Neck, H.M. & Greene, P.G. (2011). Entrepreneurship education: Known worlds and new frontiers. Journal of Small Business Management, 49(1), 55-70.
Excerpt from OPEN session

Schar, M., Sheppard, S., Brunhaver, S., Cuson, M. and Grau, M. (2013). Bending Moments to Business Models: Integrating an Entrepreneurship Case Study as Part of Core Mechanical Engineering Curriculum. Paper accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education, Atlanta, GA.
* Winner of Best Teaching Strategies Paper Award 2013 from the ASEE Entrepreneurship & Innovation Division
Excerpt from OPEN session
Lab work sheet from OPEN session
Full paper and materials

Lucas, W.A., Cooper, S.Y., Ward, T., and Cave, F. (2009). Industry placement, authentic experiences and the development of venturing and technology self-efficacy. Technovation, 29, 738-752. 

Select papers from OPEN sessions:

Engineering and Nursing Collaboration Yields Significant Social Impact and Marketable Product Designs
Darrell Kleinke and Molly McClelland
University of Detroit Mercy Colleges of Engineering and Health Professions

Course Development and Sequencing for Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship Education
Cory Hixson, Marie Paretti, Jack Lesko, Lisa McNair
College of Engineering and Department of Engineering Education, Virginia Tech

A Course Developed to Teach Entrepreneurship for High Technology Ventures
Marsha Wender Timmerman
La Salle University

Spreading the Fire: Broadening Faculty Support for the Entrepreneurial Mindset
JD Yoder, Ohio Northern University; Don Carpenter, Lawrence Technological University; Cynthia Fry, Baylor University; Robert Kleine, Ohio Northern University

Creativity is Not a Purple Dragon
Sarah Zappe, Irene Mena, Thomas Litzinger
Pennsylvania State University

Innovation in Context™ (I?C): Roadmap Planning for Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurs 
Sharon C. Ballard, EnableVentures; Jonathan Levie, Univ. of Strathclyde; Jussi Nukari and Juha Saukkonen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences; Dan Suhr, inXsol, LLC 

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