These are just a few of the books that Epicenter team members frequently recommend to anyone interested in learning about entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity and design thinking.


The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company
by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf

Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation
by Tim Brown

Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise (textbook)
by Thomas Byers, Richard Dorf and Andrew Nelson

The Innovator's Dilemma: The Revolutionary Book That Will Change the Way You Do Business
by Clayton M. Christensen

Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration
by Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
by Seth Godin

A Whole New Engineer: The Coming Revolution in Engineering Education
by David E. Goldberg and Mark Somerville

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All
by Tom Kelley and David Kelley  

The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO, America's Leading Design Firm
by Tom Kelley and Jonathan Littman

The Ten Faces of Innovation: IDEO's Strategies for Defeating the Devil's Advocate and Driving Creativity Throughout Your Organization
by Tom Kelley and Jonathan Littman

Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative
by Austin Kleon

Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers
by Geoffrey A. Moore

The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses
by Eric Ries

The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life
by Bernard Roth

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
by Sheryl Sandberg

Insight Out: Get Ideas Out of Your Head and Into the World
by Tina Seelig

Educating Engineers: Designing for the Future of the Field
by Sheri D. Sheppard, Kelly Macatangay, Anne Colby, William M. Sullivan and Lee S. Shulman

Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World
by Donald Sull and Kathleen M. Eisenhardt  

Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less
by Robert Sutton and Huggy Rao



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