Daniel Dalton, a recent graduate of UC San Diego, is making learning social with Yodel, his new social matching platform for students.

Daniel Dalton
University of California, San Diego
Class of 2012
Major: Computer Science

Some students are more focused on the work they are doing, while others are more focused on the road they are walking. After joining my school's student entrepreneur organization, Pathways Ventures, I realized that I wanted to focus more on my journey. Before college, I wanted to be an artist, so choosing computer science as a major was a pretty clear choice. Programmers are creators that make real-world changes happen from thoughts and inspirations. We are passionate about our work. There simply isn't another way to get through the sum of long nights and classes. Computer science is a medium that brings about a whole new set of challenges and possibilities. It is objective, but it is also expressive. It is more malleable than most people assume, and because of that I believe I can create something great with it.

I am the founder of Yodel, a social matching platform for undergraduate and graduate students. I am also a student employee at Apple working within iOS. At Apple I work tirelessly to perfect my technique, but it is after work that I find computer science to be truly expressive. Yodel is my second project as a student entrepreneur, and by far my favorite. Working at Apple has taught me to value simplicity in all things, but pursue perfection everywhere. Yodel is my way to change the world. It connects people based on what they want to learn versus what they have to learn. Because learning is my passion, I want to make it better. I want to create a clean and simple system that helps knowledge flow. People are gems, and it can be hard to find them. More, it can be difficult to approach them. Yodel is aimed to connect students on the individual level.

Teaching and learning are part of the same journey. Focus is necessary, but direction is all that matters. My name is Daniel Dalton, and this is my art.

Pathways Ventures at UC San Diego: pathwaysventures.org

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