The free iBook "Innovation Challenges: Mind Workouts for Teams" describes methods for teaching and promoting creativity, innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Saint Louis University Professor Sridhar Condoor and graduate student Gregory Keogh have released a free iBook featuring methods to help faculty teach entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

“Innovation Challenges: Mind Workouts for Teams” is based on a set of Weekly Innovation Challenges first used at the Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. Condoor, professor in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and Keogh wrote the book to help other schools easily mimic the exercises, which are crafted to encourage the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

For each activity, the iBook includes the challenge description, supply list, learning outcomes, possible variations, facilitator tips, photos and videos. Additional resources are available on the Innovation Challenges website

Download the free iBook from the App Store:

Read more at the Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology website »

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