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Please provide a 300-500 word story about a course, project, extra-curricular program, or other activity that ignites the entrepreneurial spirit at your school.

Include a photo (less than 5 MB) - preferably an action shot - that illustrates the story.

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Whether it’s a video or written story, these tips will help you craft a memorable message.

1. Get personal
Hearing about your activities is interesting, but hearing about why you take part in them is engaging. The more personal your story is, the more memorable and impactful it will be. We all have our own unique experiences, and this is an opportunity for the world to get to know you. So would you rather read a list of accomplishments on your resume, or tell your audience what it’s really like to be you?

2. Be specific
Details are always better than general statements. Instead of giving an overview of an experience, walk your audience through it, which pulls them in and heightens the drama. Instead of saying “I decided to major in engineering because my grandmother always told me that...” try something like “On a sweltering afternoon last July, my grandmother sat down next to me on her porch swing, handed me an iced tea, and said....”

3. Speak to one person
Another way of saying “know your audience,” imagining that your story is directed at one specific person can help shape your narrative. While the Epicenter audience is comprised of faculty, students, entrepreneurs and industry professionals, your story will actually be more direct, clear and heartfelt if you’re not trying to relate to everyone. Are you speaking to an incoming freshman? Your favorite college professor? A future employer?

4. Keep it short
We all know that the modern attention span is short, so keep your story that way. Reel your audience in with a hook, share for 1 to 2 minutes, and then take your leave.

5. End it
At the closing of your video, take the opportunity to reflect. What did this experience teach you? How will it help you in the future? What do you hope to accomplish?