Have you taught an entrepreneurship class to engineers, organized an event, or hosted a guest speaker in class? Share the process and what you’ve learned with students and faculty around the country by submitting a teaching and learning resource. Submissions can include a course syllabus, activity guide, classroom video, project materials list, event organization materials, or advice on a variety of topics.

Example: How to Create a New Student Club

Please provide a 300-500 word description of your teaching and learning resource (or a description of a document or video). Your text could answer questions such as: What steps are necessary for someone else to do this? What did you learn from doing this? What materials are needed?

Include a document (less than 5 MB) - such as a paper, event program, syllabus or class materials - that supports the resource.

Include a photo (less than 5 MB) - preferably an action shot - that illustrates the resource.

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