Integrating the "Innovation Canvas" Into an Existing Engineering Creativity and Innovation Class Spring Semester 2013


The Epicenter 2012 Conference generated great enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovation education. The “Innovation Canvas” concept was particularly appropriate to integrate into an existing upper-level engineering elective course. Each spring for the past four years, Bradley University College of Engineering has joined with the Foster College of Business to offer an elective course ME 409 entitled “Technical Creativity and Innovation.” For 8 weeks, the engineering students participate in BMA 489 entitled “Creativity and Invention” which is open to all students on campus. For the last 8 weeks, the engineering students are expected to do a deep dive into developing a technically oriented, market ready innovation. Numerous formats have been used to help students identify a project and develop a business strategy.

It is proposed that for the spring semester 2013 the “Rose-Hulman Innovation Canvas” be the process by which students consider the key aspects of the innovation process. In previous semesters, students were required to provide a one-page assessment of the ME 409 class which will be used as a benchmark to assess the success of the Innovation Canvas. After offering this very popular course each spring, it was learned that due to temporary budget constraints it could not be offered in 2013 because faculty was needed for core mechanical engineering courses or funds for temporary instructors had to be identified. Details will be provided in the narrative.

Project members:

Robert Podlasek, Bradley University

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