Opening up the Doors to Innovation/E-ship Through Game Based Content Modules


How would your life and values change if you were put into a situation where products used daily may no longer be available due to an oil supply shortage? This is the question that we are having students address with the broader community as they play through the “Customer Values in a World Without Oil” game module. As participants in this game, students are urged to determine a customer value system related to personal hygiene products and then to select which product they feel would provide the most opportunity for development in light of the value system identified. However, they are also exposed to an ethical quandary when they are asked to determine this value system without notifying customers about the impending crisis. The goal for this game module is to develop intrinsic motivation within the student population for development of skills related to customer engagement, customer value systems and market opportunity identification.

The first step towards validating this game based pedagogy for teaching innovation and entrepreneurship skills is to implement the game at several pilot sites and determine whether it allowed for students to meet the proposed learning outcomes and how it achieved the program outcomes related to engagement, development of intrinsic motivation and ease of use based on the game design document provided. Upon completion of assessment, the game module will be refined as necessary and then made more broadly available for use in colleges and universities across the United States.

Project Members:

Cheryl Bodnar, University of Pittsburgh

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