The Framework for Entrepreneurial Engineering


The Framework for Entrepreneurial Engineering (FEE) project’s goal is to collaboratively develop with all the Epicenter retreat participants a description of the engineering attributes required of engineers during the stages of the entrepreneurial engineering process. Assuming the entrepreneurial engineering process includes creation, development, and implementation of an idea, we will describe the knowledge, skills, attributes (KSAs), and other intrinsic and extrinsic factors required of engineers participating in each process stage. For each stage the KSAs factors will also be ranked in terms of their importance to engineers and those factors unique to engineers will be identified.

Two strategies will be used to accomplish our goal:

• Selecting the entrepreneurship and innovation literature germane to our goal for review by our project team before our planned working retreat and
• Organizing and conducting two extended conversations with attendees of the Epicenter retreat:
     a. The first conversation will be at a retreat with 8 of the10 members of our Epicenter Retreat action team organized at Sierra Camp and 3-4 other Epicenter retreat attendees and will take place in a 2 day retreat meeting following the 2013 ASEE annual     
          meeting in Atlanta. The purpose of this FEE retreat is to develop a complete draft of our deliverables. 
     b. The second conversation will be a Delphi Study conducted with all Epicenter Retreat attendees and such other Delphi Study participants as Epicenter and NCIIA judge appropriate to confirm the results from the FEE 2013 retreat.

In summary, the FEE deliverables are:

• A description of each entrepreneurial engineering stage.
• An identification and description of the KSAs and other factors needed by entrepreneurial engineers for each stage.
• A ranking of the importance of the KSAs to engineers and identification of those KSAs unique to engineers.
• Two papers to disseminate the information to NCIIA or ASEE conference attendees and a journal.

Project members:

Daniel Ferguson, Purdue Univesity

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