The University Innovation Fellows program team is proud to introduce a book about the University Innovation Fellows program, Designing for Change: How Empowered Students Can Lead an Education Revolution.

The team asked renowned social scientists Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner to write a white paper about the program. Having coined the term “communities of practice,” the duo conducted a dozen interviews and produced a short case study. Thirty interviews later, they were just as taken by what they heard as when they started. It was the first time they had seen their social learning theories playing out in higher education.

Together with the University Innovation Fellows team, the Wenger-Trayners decided to combine the many hours of interviews with rich photos of Fellows to produce a short book told through the voices of students. Proceeds from the book, to be published in Spring 2017, will contribute to student participation in the program. The goal of the book is to provide an in-depth look at a program and to inspire readers to consider social learning as a powerful tool in creating transformative educational experiences.

This book is for:

  • Academics interested in the University Innovation Fellows program
  • People who design programs interested in generating impact through social learning
  • Social learning theorists who follow Bev and EtienneWenger-Trayner’s work;
  • Fellows and faculty sponsors who want to share what the program is about


Read a preview of the book here and stay up to date on the book's progress at

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