Our Mission is to empower U.S. undergraduate engineering students to bring their ideas to life for the benefit of our economy and society. 

Our Vision

During and beyond our NSF grant, our team believes that teaching engineering students entrepreneurship and innovation as part of their undergraduate education will help them make a real impact. To be prepared to enter the work force and thrive in this ever-changing global economy, they need to be flexible, resilient, creative, empathetic, and have the ability to recognize and seize opportunities. Read more from our position piece in NAE's The Bridge »

What We Did

Epicenter offered entrepreneurship and innovation programs for engineering faculty and students; partnered with leaders in academia and government to build a national entrepreneurship agenda; conducted research on higher education models; hosted online classes and resources; and formed communities around entrepreneurship in engineering education. Read about our impact and activities in our NSF Project Outcomes Report »

Who We Are

Epicenter was funded by the National Science Foundation and directed by Stanford University and VentureWell (formerly NCIIA) from 2011 to 2016. Epicenter team members brought together decades of experience in engineering education, technology entrepreneurship, research, online education, creativity and design thinking. Read about the team and Epicenter's post-NSF transition »


Our goal is to enhance the connections between technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship:


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